About Us


The Ministry Of Transportation and Telecommunications (MTT)-Bahrain Meteorological Directorate (BMD) is the authorized Government Organization for all meteorological activities in the country. The history of BMD began in 1902, when the first Meteorological records were made, and our meteorological archives go back to that date. The Kingdom joined the world Meteorological Organization (WMO) the specialized Meteorological agency of United Nations in 1980. In 2001, the Kingdom was elected as president of regional Association II (Asia) which consists of 35 countries of Asia, and in 2005, unanimously was reelected for a second four year term. The BMD contributes to Bahrain's national social, economic by providing critical weather services. The BMD is responsible for the supply of meteorological advice and information, both historical and of a forecast nature, to the government of Bahrain, its ministries, the armed forces, civil aviation, the media, marine operations including international waters, commerce and industry, and to the people of Bahrain. It is also responsible for carrying out research into meteorological and related subjects for Bahrain and the region, and to investigate the factors responsible for climate change.


To be at the highest global level to provide excellent services contributes to public safety and promoting sustainable development.


Develop and strengthening of meteorological services to keep up with international standards and developments which will reflect on the quality of services to meet the requirements of various sectors in the kingdom and to achieve public safety and the reduction of natural disasters environment, losses and contributing in the Bahrain Economic Vision 2030.


The main objectives of the BMD are:

  • To operate and maintain observations.
  • To provide a meteorological service that meets the needs of aviation.
  • To provide a meteorological service that meets the needs of mariners.
  • To provide a meteorological service that meets the needs of the military.
  • Issue and make available weather forecasts to the general public and media.
  • Satisfy the needs of other Government Departments and various companies involved in agriculture, industry, health and the environment.
  • Meet the needs of future Bahraini generations for reliable and homogenous climatological records.

Corporate Strategy

The overall mission of BMD is to provide effective meteorological services for improved protection of life, property and the environment, increased safely on land, at sea and in the air, enhanced quality of life and contribute to the national economic vision and to support the international obligations such as WMO and ICAO.


  • To provide timely and accurate weather forecasts for the public, civil aviation, defence forces, agriculture, marine and other human activities, all on a routine basis.
  • To issue early warnings on the occurrences of critical weather phenomena and dangerous sea conditions in the Bahrain Kingdom region to the public and relevant agencies involved in disaster mitigation.
  • To strengthen our engagement with high-level decision makers and stake holders in government and the media. To emphasize the value of public warnings.
  • To exchange of meteorological data, forecasts and warnings to meet national and international obligations.
  • To support and encourage research and training in meteorology through school education programmes to ensure a better understanding and appreciation of the value of, and the increased benefit from, weather and climate information.
  • To provide climatological services to users in all sectors of the economy upon request.
  • To monitor climate, research and application, including climate change and environment studies.
  • To maintain a technically-advanced observation station network to support monitoring of weather conditions activities in the country.
  • To discharge international obligations (WMO/ICAO) in connection to the science of meteorology.
  • To represent the Government at regional and international forums.

Responsibilities of the BMD to Civil Aviation

The BMD's meteorological authority designated by the Government to provide meteorological services for national and international air navigation. These services are provided by BMD in accordance to the ICAO/WMO regulation and standards. BMD conforms to all WMO recommendations in its operations and dispensation of services. It also strictly conforms to all ICAO recommendations for practices and procedures in dealing with civil aviation.